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It doesn't end well. Steven Spielberg 's A. You know it's a Downer Ending when the fact that the protagonist goes insane in the torture chair and will probably be executed soon thereafter can be considered the most merciful thing to happen to him!

They never become friends, she has no reason to stick around when her parents divorce and leaves with her mom, her brother doesn't get molested by his father, no one gets blown up, no one becomes a hooker And, in fact, the original cut ends with only pic chatroulette protagonist becoming a neo-Nazi skinhead all over again.

And to make that worse, two of the three people who kidnapped Candy that's her name are killed when they fall out among themselves, and the third is shot dead by the retarded kid while he's trying to free the girl.

His cousin is forced to throw him into Hell to stop Armageddon. Aguirre, the Wrath of God: The next person is heavily implied to be Emily, Malkovich's daughter and Craig's unwitting host.

In the last hour or so, the guy loses everything he cared about: Ron's daughter is revealed to be the killer. Making matters worse, she's stuck in a penal colony at the "ass-end of space", the prisoners have no weapons, every prisoner save for one is killed by the final scene, and Ripley ends up taking a swan dive into a leadworks to stop her employer from harnessing the Xenomorph species.

Falcon vanishes in the long grass, just out of sight of the other heroes, as War Machine continues to call out for him. After Noah Cross killed Hollis, she tries to escape to Mexico. The hospital full of pregnant women and babies?

The killer manages to kill the only witnesses to his crimes before driving into obscurity. The books are quite different; maybe because the book dealing with that part has not been written yet. When the helicopters arrive to begin bombing the Niaruna Indian Village.

Karen's fiance dumps her, Martha has unrequited feelings toward Karen, and to top it all off she kills herself at the end; in the play though she kills herself before Mary's grandmother comes over, so it turns into an Esoteric Happy Ending there.

On top of that, Scott Lang is now stranded in the Quantum Realmhaving been counting on them to bring him back to his regular size. The ending is certainly unsettling, but Fink is clearly complicit in his own downfall.

However, after the girl reveals that the murder was a hoax, that she was the only person who cared about her father and that she's going to take him far away from all of them, she opens the study door just in time to see her father blow his own head off.

Mary is overwhelmed and swarmed by the Undead as she tries to escape. And all he has is said serial killer's package not a euphemismwhich he hasn't opened. Amistad ends with Cinque and his fellow captives going free back to Africa. As the young man journeys through the wartorn countryside, meeting a young woman, he gets delayed by circumstances.

In the final shot of Cinque on the ship looking hopefully or wistfully ahead, we read some text on a screen saying that, after getting back to Africa, Cinque finds that his whole tribe and everyone he knows has been captured by slavers. Liza and Richard, while fleeing the zombies, make the mistake of going into the basement, where they enter the Gateand are trapped in the Beyond forever.

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